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Active Community Boost

Never seen before in the start up market!

MadWaves is in partnership with a large, international marketing company that already has a large community of people interested in new technologies, fintech and many other areas. The active community already has 50-100.000 active members based in over 35 countries.

Marketing advice

Best marketing strategy!

Our team of highly skilled marketing advisors is available to analyse the market and provide the best fitting solution for your specific idea. This will give you a huge advantage on the road to bringing your incredible idea to the world.


Expert reviewing

Optimising your ideas!

Our expert team has years of experience in finding the gems amongst start ups. We can help you with all the necessary tweaks and improvements to make your project a success!

Project funding

Your funding could only be a phone call away!

Due to multiple partnerships with trusted partners, we can get the funding for your start up without a need for using mainstream funding channels.


Legal advice

You name it - we cover it!

Our lawyers have a wide knowledge of multiple fields to make every job to a success - from sales contracts to patents and more.


Start up steroids!

MadWaves offers a wide variety of channels to make your project to a success. Our experts boast years of experience in their respective fields to provide you the best assistance possible. Marketing, culture, start up accounting, product design, mobile, user testing, sales, active community are all just on the tip of the MadWaves iceberg!



Successful together!

All start ups connected to the MadWaves platform enjoy various forms of support provided by experts in multiple fields, to assure the best possible outcome for your start up!


Global enterprise!

Thanks to our global network of partners and field experts, MadWaves is able to connect your every idea with the perfect person to get things done in no time! Our experts and partners are based in over 40 countries, on every continent of the planet.